Старый Огейм - работа над ошибками
Прислано Andorianin на Сентябрь 29 2011 14:19:13

Привожу полный список устраненных дефектов с нашего тестового сервера :)

До перерыва :

+browse history
admin errors/debug messages nice view
redesign flag reserved
- added account delete queue task handler
- added "debug" flag to user entry
mega update
ACS started
admin queue countdown timer
rocket attacks on moons + phalanx started
new rules + changelog completed
IPM attacks calculation done
dummy IPM launch
mysql headers
buddy completed
galaxy keyboard events, fleet ajax started
colonization fix
tutorial link
ally info page, ally text saved.
galaxy: 10 deuterium penalty, ally: members online
ally members management
small fix
validation fixed
added some ally access rights
ally rename features
more ally
admin uni
ally + some admin changes
more ally
Alliance system started.
admin page splitted ob subpages
Jump gates
Users update
debris + admin can add moons/DF to the planet
- display shipyard queue
- backtrace for error
Shipyard queue implemented
imperium.php, suche.php, removed GeoIP
battle engine work. Very fast!
small adds
Battle Engine - FAST
- stupid battle engine (attempt to implement it on PHP is failed).
- admin page: planet search
- infos: jump gates was prepared (added jumpgate cooldown
timer to planet objects)
Rocket attack event
IPM form in galaxy. basic fleet events in overview.
more fleeting
more fleet management
Eagle has born
more fleet management
some progress on fleet management
Fleet API started
improved options.php, added overview loca strings
improved options.php
some work on statistics
more admin, added templates to missing pages.
more admin
more admin.php
started admin page, debug API moved to debug.php, +admin panel icons, ainfo skeleton
allianzen.php, options.php, logout.php draft
first changelog try
removed queue extra code from old version.
first Empire try
pic/redir + small bugfix in newredirect.php
pages: buddy, infos, notizen, messages, writemessages; loca long object descriptions.
more loca
some localization
GeoIP, small login fixes
Buildings, Shipyard, Defense, Research, Rename Planet. Queue tasks added for build and research. Need more work )
resource, techtree, techtreedetails. fixes in default skin path.
Overview restored (first look)
startpage moved to config
multiple changes. First account registered successfully.
msg API, notes API, completed user db table layout, tuned install
bbcode by Dmitriy Skorobogatov
planet API
ainfo, pranger
First slice for User API
Completed Prod API
Changed uni_name to uni_num.
added some missing pages
Pages are sliced :)
uni list
Found old game rules page in web.archive.org :)
Added missing startpage content + robots.txt
Fixed LOGIN button
Added some loca stuff
Startpage HOME and ABOUT sections.
Added startpage styles, images and scripts.
Added original game styles, scripts and static images.
черновой вариант движка LOCA

После перерыва :

- moon activity in galaxy
- more work on Moon Destruction mission
- added fleet missions: Harvest, Moon Destruction
division by zero eliminated
- fixed some errors in battle engine
- more fleeting WIP (especially Attack mission)
- massive update on fleet management
- fixed fid/did settings in battle engine
- battle report losses
+ bot dummy
- AdminTool: common message
+ basic battle sim
+ started battle simulator
- 2 new admin pages
+ startpage htaccess
+ htaccess on pages directory
- terraformer and moon base workaround
fixed 0/0 fields on moon
- battle engine
- progress on statistics
-fixed typo in planet type
-added ally statistics in data base
- colony diameters fixed
- planet parameters fixed a little
- reversed diameter formula for planets on positions 4-6
fixed bug with uni and user tables
- moons after battle
- basic battle reports
- add debris after battle
- short unit names in loca
- improved battle engine
- phalanx improvements
+ errorpage
+ operators list
- planet fields increased/decreased after build/demolish
- no deuterium penalty in galaxy for operators and admins
- AdminTool: planet list in user info
- AdminTool: creating and deleting planets
+ deleting messages
admintool: planet images
- build and demolish duration fixed
- build/demolish overview display text fixed
- shield domes can be built only one
- total shipyard construction time fixed
- research countdown fixed
research + IGN work correct
options skins + impressum
skin support

Как видно работа проделана значительная и до окончательной реализации осталось сделать не так много. Полный список оставшихся дефектов находится тут :